Proposed State-Funded Service Definition Policies

The Department of Health and Human Services is seeking the advice and feedback of individuals, families, service providers and other organization/stakeholders in developing new or amended State-funded service definition policies. All comments are considered. The Department has delegated to the Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Use Services the authority to make the final decisions regarding behavioral health, I/DD and TBI state-funded service definition policy content and implementation.

Comments submitted may be considered public record and may be disclosed to parties requesting such records, including the identifiable information that you provide in your comment. You may submit your comment without providing any identifiable information.  Voluntarily providing identifiable information does not mean that you will be contacted about your comment.

The following proposed new or amended state-funded service definition policies are available for review. Comments on proposed polices may be submitted by clicking the email link next to each proposed policy. Comments and questions not specifically related to the proposed policy should not be sent to this Web address. The initial comment period for each proposed policy is 30 days. However, DMH/DD/SAS is providing a 45 day comment period to allow additional time to review due to the state of emergency.

Proposed Policy Date Posted Submitted Comments Comment Period Ends