Recruitment Information

Recruitment and hiring are used interchangeably in some areas, but not with The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Recruitment is a core function of human resource management. Not only do we help find, attract, select and at times, be a part of the interview team, we help welcome the suitable candidates for permanent or temporary jobs within DHHS.

Every job matters at DHHS. Our workers take pride in bettering the lives for the most vulnerable citizens of the state. These videos show how our employees open up their hearts to those that they serve in order to make the environment the best home we can provide.

Employees’ thoughts of why DHHS is a great place to work:

  • The opportunities for advancement have allowed me to progress up the career ladder to my present position as Social Work Program Director. My employment has been fulfilling. Allowing me to achieve knowledge while affording me the opportunity for professional growth.” Barbara R. Myers, MSW, LCSW (Broughton Hospital)​
  • "As a recruiter for DHHS, I find that I am allowed to share my talents in many ways as I participate in many different projects and interact with other team members. My contributions and input are valued and appreciated at the end of the day. That is big. Basically, in my old age, I have figured out that being a part (even a small part) of something that is working for the greater good is always desirable." Connie Wooten (Cherry Hospital)
  • “It has given me an opportunity to grow not only as an employee but as a man and as a father. It has taught me how to listen and it has taught me how to present myself. You have to realize you have something to offer and you’re not just here to receive a check. You’re here to give back, you’re here to care for others.” Rodney Bird (R.J. Blackley ADATC)
  • “I enjoy working for DHHS. I got into the state a little bit late. I have only been working here for about four and a half years and I should have done it earlier! It really is a great place to work, come work here!” Nancy Squires (Longleaf Neuro-Medical Center)

DHHS Cares:

At DHHS we like to acknowledge all of the great work our employees do. Throughout the year there are various appreciation days or weeks and awareness months. Following is our “thank you” to our employees by recognizing them: