NC County Reimbursement Ledger Suite (NC-CoReLS)

NC County Reimbursement Ledger Suite (NC-CoReLS) Update to Version 11.6 (65.2 MB Installation File - CORELS116.exe)
A new update for the NC County Reimbursement Ledger Suite (NC-CoReLS) to version 11.6.
Prerequisite: None - data files must exist or be restored from a backup to make use of this installation.
Click on above line and unzip file. Next, choose "Save" and select the C:\TEMP directory. Once the download has completed, use Windows Explorer and navigate to the C:\TEMP directory. Double-click the file 'CoReLS116.EXE' and follow the directions presented. An icon titled "NC-CoReLS" will be added to your desktop.

Download to Install required DLLs for NC-Corels system(DLLs Setup.exe)

The following files are in PDF format and will require Adobe PDF Reader or similar program to view. Click on the desired file link, select "Open it" to download it and start PDF Reader, or select "Save to disk" to save the file.

NC-CoReLS Installation Instructions v2 (1.4 MB PDF file - NC-CoReLS_Installation_Instructions_v2.pdf)
Stand-alone and network installation instructions.

NC-CoReLS New Network User Setup v1(1.6 MB PDF File - NC-CoReLS_New_Network_User_Setup_v1.pdf) 
Detailed instructions for setting up a new user or workstation PC to access an existing network install of NC-CoReLS. Prior installation is not required.

NC-CoReLS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) v2 (0.5 MB PDF File - NC-CoReLS_FAQs_v2.pdf) 
The FAQs address questions and issues that come up frequently by the user community.

NC-CoReLS Splitting Backup Files for Emailing v1 (1 MB PDF File - NC-CoReLS_Splitting_Backup_Files_for_Emailing_v1.pdf) 
Most email systems limit the size of attachments that can be sent. This document details how to split a large NC-CoReLS backup file down to a size small enough to be sent through multiple emails.