NC County Reimbursement Ledger Suite (NC-CoReLS)

What is NC-CoReLS?

Local departments of social services and their employees have the responsibility for administering social services and public assistance programs.  Under Federal Regulations and the General Statutes of North Carolina, funds are appropriated from Federal, State and County sources for providing social services and financial assistance to needy individuals.  These funds are administered by the local department of social services.

NC-CoReLS is the centralized web-based system used by the local DSS to prepare and submit a reimbursement report referred to as the "DSS-1571".  This report will enable the county to receive the Federal and State funds available for the expenditures reported.  This report is submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services Controller’s Office and is to be uploaded and balanced by the 15th of the month or the first workday thereafter.

For a comprehensive guide on using NC-CoReLS, please download and review the complete manual.

Download the NC-CoReLS Manual

Updates to Enhanced Medicaid Claiming

Recent guidance from CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) regarding enhanced Medicaid 75/25 funding has resulted in a need to make changes to the DSS-1571 reporting process including changes to NC-CoReLS. These changes mandated by CMS will be in effect starting with the September 2022 service month DSS-1571, submitted and reimbursed in October 2022.  Please note that these changes  will affect the claiming of personnel and non-personnel expenditures. 

  • Download the Payroll Import Template to be used beginning with September 2022 service month.
  • Download the Backup Documentation Notice which will be used when personnel with an “Ineligible” state job class are marked with an E&E allowable status in the Payroll Import Template and require an exception.
  • Review the Medicaid E&E Claiming FAQ to see answers to questions about the changes to Enhanced Medicaid Claiming.

For a quick reference on the updates to individual steps within the DSS-1571 process, please review the Job Aids below.

Payroll Import Template Job Aid

NC-CoReLS Part-I Job Aid

NC-CoReLS Part-II & Reclassification Job Aid

NC-CoReLS Prior-Period Adjustment Job Aid

To practice going through the DSS-1571 process without affecting your actual data, please use the NC-CoReLS Training Environment.

Request Assistance

If you need technical or business assistance with NC-CoReLS or the DSS-1571 process, please email DHHS.CORELS.SUPPORT@DHHS.NC.GOV  or reach out to your local business liaison.