Community and Partner Engagement

Community Engagement at NCDHHS

NCDHHS is committed to championing equitable health outcomes for the 10 million North Carolinians it serves. True progress requires active community involvement. NCDHHS commits to this by:

  • Involving people from communities served, people who have experienced health issues or lived experiences in making policy decisions.

  • Creating the Community and Partner Engagement website. This is a space to help connect communities to resources and services across NCDHHS and North Carolina.

  • This website explains how NCDHHS works with external groups to make decisions about policies, services, and operations by partnering with:

    • Communities

    • Healthcare professionals

    • Community leaders

    • Advocacy groups

    • Local, state, and federal entities

    • Other partners to improve health and well-being for all North Carolinians.

On this site, you can find: 

  1. NCDHHS Services and Partners Roster. Listing of groups where key partners work with the NCDHHS Divisions and Offices to help strengthen communities.

  1. The NCDHHS Community and Partner Engagement Guide (Spanish). This foundational resource outlines NCDHHS' unified approach to community engagement, keeping communities as a constant and active part of improving health outcomes.

  1. Councils, Committees and Advisory Groups currently engaged with NCDHHS Divisions and Offices.

NCDHHS is making it a priority to keep Communities at the Center. Together we have made great strides in North Carolina. While challenges exist, with united efforts from policymakers, health care professionals, community leaders, families, and each of us, we can drive meaningful change. It takes a community, a village, coming together with all of our differences working to help keep people healthy and safe. A healthy community is a thriving community!

See below for more information on NCDHHS’ community and partner engagement efforts.

NCDHHS Health Equity Framework: Guiding our Values, Equity and Commitment to Whole-Person Care


This video provides an overview of the NCDHHS Health Equity Framework, which is aligned with the NCDHHS multi-year Strategic Plan and priorities. In this video, you will learn about the five guiding pillars that define the department’s equity work and the key actions taken to advance our mission to improve the health, safety and well-being of all North Carolinians.

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