Goal 5: Safe and Nurturing Relationships


Babies, toddlers, and young children across North Carolina will grow up with safe and nurturing family and caregiver relationships.

2025 Target

By 2025, decrease by 10% the rate of children in North Carolina who are substantiated victims of maltreatment*

  • For children ages 0 – 3 years, reduce from 20.1 to 18.1 per 1,000 children
  • For children ages 4 – 5 years, reduce from 14.5 to 13.1 per 1,000 children
  • For children ages 6 – 8 years, reduce from 13.4 to 12.1 per 1,000 children

*All data for this target is provided by the Division of Social Services Central Registry, and NC FAST. In setting this target, it is critical to note the limitations of these data, including that minority populations are disproportionately reported, investigated, and substantiated for cases of maltreatment.