North Carolina Early Childhood Integrated Data System

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The North Carolina Early Childhood Integrated Data System (NC ECIDS) is the single source for early childhood integrated data for selected education, health, and social services programs to help answer key policy and program questions. NC ECIDS provides counts of children who receive multiple early childhood services from participating programs.

NC ECIDS was originally funded by the State of North Carolina through a federal Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge grant and is now maintained by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. We are pleased to announce upcoming updates to NC ECIDS through the support of North Carolina’s Preschool Development Grant. Read more about the Preschool Development Grant and stay tuned for updates.

Our Goal

We believe integrated early childhood integrated data will lead to:

  • Better insight into how early childhood services are utilized across North Carolina.
  • Better answers to key early childhood policy and program questions.
  • Better decisions regarding use and refinement of early childhood programs.
  • Better outcomes for the children and families of North Carolina.

Our Mission

Maintain and enhance a high quality, comprehensive, integrated early childhood data system for North Carolina to inform policies and practices that produce better outcomes for children and families.

Our Vision

To maintain a high-quality early childhood integrated data system (ECIDS) for North Carolina (NC) that is in support of state priorities to improve early childhood and later life outcomes, particularly for the most vulnerable children. The NC ECIDS will be readily accessible and relevant for use by state and local agencies, policy makers, program and community leaders, researchers, advocacy groups to make data-informed decisions in a way that fosters data responsibility and integrity.

NC ECIDS Data Reports Dashboards

Our data can help provide answers and insights to questions related to North Carolina's early childhood programs and services. Quickly access information on commonly asked questions through our NC ECIDS Reporting page, or request data through our NC ECIDS Data Request Portal if you are a qualified researcher or institution.

Total and Unduplicated Number by NC ECIDS Service

Number of Children Receiving Two NC ECIDS Services

Number of Children Receiving Multiple NC ECIDS Services

Number of NC Pre-K age eligible Children Receiving NC ECIDS Services

Interim Data Request DocuSign Form: Click the link to access the interim data request form via DocuSign.

Questions or Technical Difficulties

The North Carolina Government Data Analytics Center provides technical support for the NC ECIDS website Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Email or call 919-754-6950 if you have questions about NC ECIDS or if you experience any technical difficulties with this web site.