Column Paragraph

Telehealth is an important tool in providing access to health care for all North Carolinians. NC DHHS is invested in providing resources to health-care providers and all consumers to increase equitable access1 to care and utilization of telehealth across the state.

For health-care providers there are technical assistance, education and resources available to support telehealth implementation and utilization within your organization. For consumers there are resources on how and when to use telehealth and its benefits.

Telehealth Playbook

1. Equitable access means access across all patient populations and types of providers. This includes rural and urban, across all health-care settings, all population groups (socioeconomic, age, race/ethnicity, historically marginalized, disability, communication needs, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, living situation, etc.). Our goal is to reduce health disparities, improve health outcomes, and ensure effective communication across all of these population groups to the fullest extent possible. This is done by enhancing equitable access to affordable broadband and telehealth technology for all North Carolinians. This is provided in the form of provider and patient education, strong data analysis, provision of tangible and intangible resources, outreach and technical or SME assistance.