NCDHHS Outlines Priorities to Strengthen the State's System of Community-Based Services and Supports for People with Disabilities in the 2022-23 Olmstead Plan

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services published its Olmstead Plan, designed to assist people with disabilities who receive or are eligible for publicly-funded services to reside in and experience the full benefit of being part of day-to-day life in communities alongside those without disabilities. Developed with stakeholders from across the state, the plan’s goal is to divert people from entering institutions and to support those wishing to leave.

NC Medicaid Managed Care to Launch Statewide on July 1

Starting July 1, nearly 1.6 million Medicaid beneficiaries in North Carolina will begin receiving the same Medicaid services in a new way through NC Medicaid Managed Care health plans. Most beneficiaries will continue to get care from the same doctors they see today but will now be a member of a health plan. Some beneficiaries will not enroll with health plans and will remain in NC Medicaid Direct.

DHHS Announces Three Regions for Medicaid Healthy Opportunities Pilots — A Major Milestone for Nation’s First Comprehensive Medicaid Program to Address Non-Medical Drivers of Health

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services today announced the selection of organizations to serve three regions of the state, marking a major milestone towards launching the nation’s first comprehensive program to test evidence-based, non-medical interventions designed to reduce costs and improve the health of Medicaid beneficiaries. The groundbreaking program will create a systematic approach to integrating and financing non-medical services that address housing stability, transportation access, food security and interpersonal safety into the delivery of health care.

NC Medicaid Managed Care Health Plan Assignments Completed for Beneficiaries

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services today announced all Medicaid beneficiaries currently eligible to transition to managed care have selected or been assigned a health plan with 97% enrolled in a plan that includes their current primary care provider (PCP) in network.

NCDHHS Reminds Medicaid Beneficiaries that Open Enrollment for NC Medicaid Managed Care Ends May 14

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has begun mailing reminder notices to Medicaid beneficiaries that open enrollment for NC Medicaid Managed Care ends on May 14. The notices are being sent to encourage beneficiaries to choose a primary care provider and a health plan for their families’ care in preparation for the launch of NC Medicaid Managed Care on July 1.

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