Medication Assistance Program (MAP)

The Medication Assistance Program (MAP) provides access to free prescription drugs for uninsured, low-income individuals. Prescription drugs are available through participating pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

This program uses the Medication Access and Review Program (MARP) to match patients’ eligibility with available free medications. The North Carolina Foundation for Advanced Health Programs has partnered with the Office of Rural Health (ORH) to create the Medication Access and Review Program.

North Carolina Medication Assistance Program

MARP is a specialized software program designed to help safety-net providers access free prescription drugs for their patients. If your safety-net facility would like to use this software, please contact us.

Sara Kezar
Phone: 919-527-6471

All Medication Assistance Program Sites

If you are a patient in need of prescription drugs, contact a MAP site closest to you to find out if you qualify for medication assistance.