Apply for Food and Nutrition Services (Food Stamps)

To apply for Food and Nutrition Services (FNS – also known as Food Stamps), someone in your household will submit an application and complete an interview with our team. Once we receive your application, it can take up to 30 days to receive your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, which is how you’ll receive your benefit payments. 

The application requires documents and information about your household that you may need to gather.

Keep in mind, if you’re approved you’ll get benefits from the day you submitted your application – even if it’s not complete. So, don't wait: apply online, in person, or by mail today.

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Here’s How to Apply for FNS Benefits

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    Start To Gather Your Documents

    Gather as many of these documents as you can easily get, but don't let that stop you from submitting your application. You can always go back and add information after the application has been submitted. Benefits start from the day you submit the application, even if it's incomplete. 

    You’ll need the following information for each person in the household:

    1. Identification for you or the head of the household (a driver's license, birth certificate, or other government-issued ID)
    2. Social Security Numbers, birthdates and citizenship status for each person in the household
    3. How much money each person has in cash, bank accounts, investments, retirement accounts, etc.
    4. Your household's monthly bills, including childcare, child support, and disabled adult care
    5. Medical bills for anyone over 60 or who is disabled
    6. Proof of income for each person
    7. Paperwork or IDs from other benefits you receive, like Medicaid, SSI, or WFFA (also known as TANF)
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    Submit the Application

    There are three ways to apply. 

    1. Apply online with ePASS. You may need to create an account first. 
    2. Apply in person at your Department of Social Services (DSS) office.
      • Fill out as much of the paper application as possible ahead of time and take your documents with you. 
      • Note: You can also drop off an application at the DSS office.
    3. Apply by mail. Fill out a paper application and mail it to your local county DSS office.
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    Speak with a Case Worker

    The next step of the application process is an interview with a case worker. During this interview, they will talk with you about your eligibility, how much in benefits you can expect to get, and the next steps.

    If you apply online, a case worker will contact you within a few days to conduct the interview. This interview can take place in person, by telephone, or through a video conference. They can interview you or someone you choose to represent you.

    If you apply in person or drop your completed application off at the DSS office, you can be interviewed during your visit, or you can schedule an interview for a future time.

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