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Accessibility in Microsoft Word 
Microsoft Office Accessible Forms

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Videos that define what assistive technology is and how it helps our citizens. 

Sarah Gachuz, Intern and Local Clinician operating switch-adapted toy helicopter

Switch Adapted Toys
Sarah Gachuz, Intern and Amy Phoenix, SLP


Lacey Henderson U.S. Paralympian

Lacey Henderson U.S. Paralympian
Picked Last in Gym Class





Accessibility Minute Easterseals/Crossroads Indata ProjectAccessibility Minute
Hosted by Laura Medcal, Easterseals Crossroads






Assistive Technology Update 
Hosted by Easterseals Crossroad 
Indata Project 





That Blind Tech Show
Hosted by Blind Abilities






The Accessible StallThe Accessible Stall
Hosted by Kyle Khachadurian and Emily Ladau

Emily Ladau

Emily Ladau  
Words I Wheel By



OT with apps banner imageOT with Apps
Carol Harpold, /L, ATP



World Services for the Blind World Services for the Blind 
Lee Rogers