NC Controlled Substances Reporting System

The NC Controlled Substances Reporting System (CSRS) collects information on dispensed controlled substance prescriptions and makes this information available to prescribers and dispensers. The system is used as a clinical tool to improve patient care and safety while avoiding potential drug interactions and identifying individuals that may be in need of referral to substance use disorder services. In addition, prescribers can audit their personal controlled substances prescribing history.
Controlled Substances Reporting System
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I register?
    • CSRS Registration Instructions: All prescribers, pharmacists, and delegates may apply through the NC CSRS website at Select  "Create an Account" and follow the provided instructions.
  2. Can out-of-state providers access NC CSRS records?  
    • Yes.  Out-of-state providers can register with the system to query NC patients using the Out of State Prescriber role.
  3. As a practitioner, with whom can I share patient prescription histories? 
    • Please review the statutory requirements regarding confidentiality.
  4. If I find an error in my prescribing history, who should I call?
    • First, call the dispensing pharmacy to verify the CSRS data. If the prescription is determined to be in error, ask the pharmacist to resubmit with the correct information. For further questions or concerns, email
  5. As a new pharmacy, how do I register an uploader account? 
  6. If I am having issues uploading information from my pharmacy, who should I contact?  
    • Contact Bamboo Health at 855-962-4767 or create a support ticket at this link.
  7. As a patient, can I request my own CSRS information? 
    • Yes. Complete this form and mail it, along with a copy of your photo ID, to the address below:

      Controlled Substances Reporting System
      Attn: Patient Profile Desk
      Mail Service Center 3008
      Raleigh, NC 27699-3008

  8. As a researcher, how can I request de-identified data?
    • You can find the document here.