Community Action Results Database (CARDS)

The CARDS will allow DHHS OEO and DEQ to collect, track, analyze, monitor and disseminate performance/outputs/outcome data of Community Action Agency (CAA) programs. The database system will also support case management, data collection, and reporting needs for agency-wide programs such as CSBG and Weatherization.

System Function
Federal and state regulations for CSBG and Weatherization funding require performance measurements and performance monitoring. The business needs for CSBG and Weatherization requires a secure information system with 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year availability, with adequate memory, storage capacity, and back-up capabilities. Additional business needs related to program/service monitoring includes the reporting and tracking of the following activities:

  • DHHS OEO and DEQ standard performance measures for CSBG (Self-Sufficiency, Employment, Education, Nutrition, Housing, Income Management, Health, Information & Referral, and Emergency Assistance) and Weatherization.
  • Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) anti-poverty goals, which promote greater effectiveness among state and local agencies receiving CSBG funds.
  • Agency/Statewide Organizational Performance Standards data management and reporting. 
  • Real-time, statewide reporting system to include Annual CSBG Report, Annual Weatherization reporting, ROMA reporting, and Organizational Performance Standards measures.
  • Unduplicated data across agency programs for reporting.
  • State dashboard for agency monitoring.
  • Client eligibility determination.
  • Weatherization metrics and reporting that will demonstrate energy efficiency. I’m unable to create the new page until you provide content as we can’t have blank pages with no content.

Celeste Gore-Purcell
CARDS Project Manager 

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