Funding Syringe Services Programs

As of July 11, 2019, state and local funds may be used to purchase syringes, needles and other injection supplies. Programs are still prohibited from spending federal funds on these supplies. All public funds may be used for other program development and operation costs (rent, salaries and stipends, testing resources, naloxone training and distribution, etc.). Please contact with questions about funding for SSPs.

Funders that Support Harm Reduction and SSPs


The North American Syringe Exchange Network (NASEN) provides information, limited loans and grant funding and technical support to new and existing syringe exchange programs. NASEN also runs a cooperative syringe purchasing program, the Buyers Club, to negotiate between manufacturers, wholesale providers and exchanges. Prior to ordering supplies through NASEN, all programs must complete and submit the NASEN Directory Questionnaire. For more information about NASEN’s programs, including the Buyers Club, contact them through

The Comer Family Foundation has provided support to non-profit projects that focus on harm reduction and syringe services since 1992. Grant applications are accepted May 1 and November 1 of each calendar year. Average single-year grant awards range from $5,000-30,000. Additional grant details, application and eligibility requirements can be found at

The MAC AIDS Fund offers grants to organizations working with people living with HIV, focusing on the areas of food and nutrition and housing programs. The organization has funded harm reduction and syringe access projects in the past. Interested applicants should contact the Fund for more information.

The Elton John Foundation US branch offers grants in a variety of areas related to healthcare access, HIV prevention, and HIV care, including harm reduction programming. The organization provides funding to both harm reduction and syringe access policy work and to direct services. The Elton John Foundation also provides annual support to the Syringe Access Fund. First-time funding applicants should complete and submit an online letter of inquiry form.

The Syringe Access Fund, through AIDS United, is a national grant-making collaborative that supports service providers and policy projects working to increase access to sterile injection equipment and to ensure their safe disposal.

Statewide Funds

Community foundations are important funders to support this work.

Dogwood Health, the purpose of the Dogwood Health Trust is to dramatically improve the health and well-being of all people and communities in Western North Carolina.

Kate B Reynolds Charitable Trust