Syringe Exchange Models

Fixed Site Exchanges
The exchange is located in an established, consistent location. It could be a storefront, office or other similar fixed, accessible space.

Mobile/Street-Based Vehicle Exchange
Syringe exchange is conducted out of a vehicle, van or RV that travels to different sites or neighborhoods according to a regular, established schedule.

Delivery or Peer-Based Exchange
People interested in receiving or returning syringes contact an exchange to arrange delivery of supplies and/or services. Delivery can be at the participant’s home or another agreed-upon site. Delivery can occur on a regular schedule or by appointment.

Integrated Syringe Exchange
An existing organization adds syringe exchange to their ongoing provided services.

Combining Models
Exchanges can combine models to maximize benefits and use and minimize limitations. A fixed site may also offer delivery or peer-based exchange; an integrated exchange may have the resources to operate a mobile exchange. Evaluate and expand models based on need, funding, resources (including staff and/or volunteer experience and expertise), and other environmental or context changes.