Commission for the Blind Public Forum                                         Commission for the Blind/
 Zoom Webinar                                                                                              Rehabilitation Council Meeting                                                                                                                                                   
June 20th at 4pm                                                                                       June 21st at 12pm
September  19th at 4pm                                                                         September 20th at 12pm
December 12th at 4pm                                                                            December 13th at 12pm

If you would like to attend the next public forum, please contact Lisa Tuck at to be provided the link.

Membership List
Cody Davis (Chair), Recipient of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Tania Bowers (Vice Chair),  Director, Client Assistance Program
Vacant, Community Rehabilitation Services Provider
Vacant, Advocacy Group for Persons with Disabilities
Jennifer Jones, NC Division of Workforce Development
Crystal D. Patrick, Department of Public Instruction
Dr. Ricky Scott, Statewide Independent Living Council
Celeste Hunt, Directors of a Project carried out under Section 121 of the Rehabilitation Act
Brittany Cutshaw, Parent Training and Information Center
Billy Hatcher, Parent of a Child with a Disability
Tevin Price, Representative of Business/Industry/and Labor
Dr. Madison Dunning, NC State Optometric Society
Dr. Kara Ramsey, NC State Optometric Society
Vacant, NC Opticians Association
Vacant, NC Opticians Association
Dr. Clayton H. Bryan, NC Medical Society
Dr. Carol A. Johnston, NC Medical Society

Ex-Officio Members
Cynthia Speight, Director, Division of Services for the Blind
Evelis Mason, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor