DSS Contact Information

Please Note: If you have concerns about the possible abuse or neglect of a child please contact your local county department of social services and ask for a CPS intake worker. A listing of all 100 county departments of social services may be accessed at http://www.ncdhhs.gov/dss/local/.

Program/Service Phone Number
Adoption Assistance/ICAMA  919-527-6370
Adoption Review and Indexing  919-527-6370
Child Support Enforcement 919-855-4755
Child Welfare Policy (including Child Protective Services, Foster Care, and Adoption) 919-527-6340
Child Welfare Customer Service 919-527-6340
Community Child Protection Teams  919-527-6430
Crisis Intervention 919-527-6300
Domestic Violence  919-527-6430
Emergency Assistance  919-527-6300
Energy Assistance 919-527-6300
Food and Nutrition Services 1-866-719-0141
Fraud Reporting 1-866-719-0141
Hearing and Appeals 919-855-3260
Independent Living Program for Foster Children (NC LINKS) 919-527-6351
Interstate Compacts, International Adoptions and Private Adoptions 919-527-6390
Interpreting Services 919-527-6420
Licensing Child Placing Agency
   Family Foster Homes
   Maternity Homes
   Residential Child Care Homes    
Performance Management/Reporting and Evaluation Management 919-527-6260
Refugee Assistance 919-527-6300
Social Services Commission 919-527-6420
Work First
   Benefit Diversion
   Work First Services 
   Work First Family Assistance

E-mailing us is an efficient and easy way to get the information you need in a timely manner. Request for information or to send general comments please send us an email at dssweb@dhhs.nc.gov. It is our division policy to respond to all email within 5 business days.