Food and Nutrition Services Quality Assurance Analysts

The Quality Assistance Unit of the Division of Social Services operates the Food and Nutrition Services Quality Control Program. This unit is usually referred to as Quality Control or “QC”. The Food and Nutrition Services Quality Control Program is a federally mandated measurement system that determines the level of accuracy in providing benefits to participants of Food and Nutrition Services. Individual recipient's records are reviewed to determine if the household was correctly determined eligible to participate and whether they received the level of benefits to which they were entitled. The QC Unit also measures the accuracy of the decisions to deny, suspend or terminate participation in Food and Nutrition Services. These reviews are used to determine States' performance in administering the Program and associated penalties for poor performance and rewards for good performance. Data collected by QC are also used for program improvement and analysis.

QC Staff
Raleigh Office: North Carolina Division of Social Services 
Quality Assurance Unit 
820 S. Boylan Avenue 
Mail Service Center 2416 
Raleigh, NC 27699-2416 
Phone Number (919) 527-6260
Fax (919) 334-1266
Pat Moore: Program Administrator (919) 527-6282
Vacant Coordinator

Lead Analysts
Maggie Reece: 877-695-7891, 910-892-1532, fax 910-292-4069
Samantha Fettig: 877-219-0064, 336-634-5722, fax 775-923-7449

QC Analysts
Alecha Boston: 855-791-1103, 828-754-2713, fax 704-461-0007
Barbara McDonald: 877-344-1828, 910-858-0080, fax 910-401-1079
Ginger Alphin: 877-219-0063, 910-564-5341, fax 910-292-4085
Kristi Street: 855-462-3447, fax 828-738-1449
Kimberly Lyons: 888-442-0142, 704-856-2384, fax 704-935-4265
Ramonda Anderson: 855 - 802-5492, 910 - 582-7127, fax 910-225-5016
Sherry Saunders: 855-262-1947, 336-318-0721, fax 336-308-4779
Vicki Mabe: 855-219-5580, 336-593-2606, fax 336-793-9041
Stephanie Quick: 855-266-7507, 910-997-7740, fax 910-817-4788
Connie Lanier: 844-707-6483, 252-747-2140, fax 252-243-4749

Note: The first number listed for each analyst is a toll free number from within North Carolina.

Food and Nutrition Services Payment Accuracy Data
The Quality Assurance Unit provides payment accuracy data on active and negative cases to the Food and Nutrition Services and Energy Program Representatives on a monthly basis. A Negative case is one in which a negative action has occurred. For example, the application is denied, the case is closed or the case is suspended.

All reports include information reported by State QC. However, the official final federal review findings are released in early July of the following federal fiscal year. For example, Federal Fiscal Year 2011 rates will be issued by July 1, 2012. Food and Nutrition Services payment accuracy reports can be found on the Statistics and Reviews web page.