***Human Rights Committee***
The 2023 Human Rights Committee Meetings are held at 1:30 p.m. in the Spruill Conference Room on the following dates: January 26th, March 23rd, May 25th, July 27th, September 28th, and November 16th. Individuals wishing to attend via teleconference may contact Lori Henderson, Director of Advocacy: 252-399-2112 extension 378 or Lori.Henderson@dhhs.nc.gov for teleconference access.


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Longleaf Neuro-Medical Treatment Center is a specialized skilled nursing facility (SNF) certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) long term care regulations.
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In October of 1978, Longleaf (formerly known as the North Carolina Special Care Center) became a nursing facility for geriatric patients who were currently being cared for at the State’s psychiatric hospitals. These individuals required specialized nursing services and treatment as well as non acute psychiatric treatment. In 1997, North Carolina Special Care Center added a specialized unit for the care and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

In 2007, North Carolina Special Care Center’s name was officially changed to Longleaf Neuro-Medical Treatment Center (LNMTC) to become one of three skilled nursing facilities operated by the State of North Carolina.
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Eligibility and Admission Criteria

Adults with chronic and complex medical conditions and/or behavioral conditions that coexist with neurocognitive disorders related to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and related Dementias or neuropsychiatric disorders. These diagnoses make other living arrangements in the community unrealistic due to the health and physical status of the residents requiring 24-hour supervision, daily nursing assessment and assistance with activities of daily living.

The referral process includes a Pre Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) SNF eligibility (a required screening of any individual who is being considered for admission into a Medicaid Certified Nursing Facility regardless of the source of payment), documentation of a primary medical, Alzheimer’s disease and related Dementias diagnosis and evidence of denial of care in a community nursing facility setting whether due to severe, persistent mental illness or neuropsychiatric disorder. Discharges to the community are rare given the unique challenges in providing care for these residents who require 24-hour supervision, daily nursing assessment and care and assistance with activities of daily living.


Specialized Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Care - Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Has a primary diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or related Dementias.
  • The applicant’s primary need is management of problem behaviors associated with dementia including behaviors potentially dangerous to self/others.
  • The applicant exhibits behaviors that require a locked unit with specialized services,
  • Applicant is mobile.
  • Applicant and or legal representative is a resident of Eastern North Carolina at the time of application.

Details about our Alzheimer's Treatment

Specialized Neurocognitive Care - Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Adults with a primary diagnosis that is medical in nature and usually have a severe, persistent mental illness that is no longer the primary focus of treatment.  
  • They have behavioral challenges, a history of unsuccessful placement in community settings due to symptoms of their mental illness or neuropsychiatric disorder, and/or clinical treatment needs that exceed the level of care available.
  • Adults with severe and persistent mental illness that no longer require acute psychiatric care and who also have long term medical conditions requiring medical and nursing care. These adults are referred solely from the State psychiatric hospitals and their psychiatric illness is no longer the primary focus of care.   

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Longleaf Neuro-Medical Treatment Center
4767 Ward Boulevard
Wilson, North Carolina 27893
Directions to Longleaf Neuro-Medical Treatment Center

Director: Julie Branch, NHA 
Office: (252) 399-2112 Ext. 325
Fax: (252) 399-2137 

Departmental Contact Information

  • Admissions: (252) 399-2112 Ext. 315 
  • Advocacy Services: (252) 399-2112 Ext. 378
  • Business Manager: (252) 399-2112 Ext. 284
  • Activities: (252) 399-2112 Ext. 373
  • Volunteer Services:  (252) 399-2112 Ext. 233
  • Social Work Director: (252) 399-2112 Ext. 315
  • Nursing Services Director: (252) 399-2112 Ext. 218
  • Medical Director: (252) 399-2112 Ext. 201
  • Human Resources & Employment Opportunities: (252) 399-2112 Ext. 220
  • Resident Financial Affairs: (252) 399-2112 Ext. 265
  • Patient Relations Representative at (252) 399-2112 Ext. 265 (Financial Services will not be denied to anyone due to inability to pay)   

Human Rights Committee

The Human Rights Committee (HRC) provides additional safeguards for protecting the human, civil, legal and treatment rights of residents and is composed of five members knowledgeable about mental health and nursing care issues; none of whom are currently employed by the Division of State Operated Healthcare Facilities (DSOHF).  Committee members are appointed by the Secretary of the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). At least one member of the committee is a resident or family member of a resident at the Longleaf.  The Center Director and members of Advocacy Services serve on the HRC as ex-officio/non-voting members. The committee meets at Longleaf and meetings are open to the public. Please contact the Director's office at (252) 399-2112 ext. 325 for more information.

HRC Meeting Schedule for 2023

  • January 26, 2023
  • March 23, 2023
  • May 25, 2023
  • July 27, 2023
  • September 28, 2023
  • November 16, 2023

Featured Programs and Opportunities 
Longleaf Neuro-Medical Treatment Center offers a variety of special programs and volunteer opportunities to encourage the involvement of individuals and groups to participate in enhancing the lives of the residents such as: 

  • Eden Alternative® Philosophy  
  • Main Street
  • The Lighthouse Movie Theater 
  • Music and Memory℠
  • Palliative Care 

More information about our Programs and Opportunities