Access to primary care, preventive services, specialty care, and prescription drugs is largely limited to the availability of donated “charity” care and safety net providers.

HealthNet leverages the administrative infrastructure of Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) and the resources of a broad array of partners to strengthen health care delivery systems, enhance quality and coordination of care and contain unnecessary growth in health care expenditures.

Through grants to Community Care Networks, HealthNet supports communities’ efforts to work together to share resources and connect low-income, uninsured adults with “medical homes” and health care.

  • All 100 NC counties are served by HealthNet.
  • The HealthNet model is linked to CCNC’s existing networks of primary care providers and care managers in each region of the state.


Individual health care providers and safety net organizations that would like to partner with the local HealthNet network or want help with planning and organizing a HealthNet network in their community should contact CCNC’s Community Care Coordinator for the county/region.

For more information about the Integrated Health Care Delivery Systems programs, please contact: or visit the web page here: Integrated Health Care Delivery Systems Web Page