School Health Centers


To increase access to physical and mental health services for youth ages 10 - 19 in local communities by developing or enhancing existing school-based and school-linked health centers. 


School-based or school linked centers are located in or near high schools and middle schools to increase access to physical and mental health services for youth in local communities. There is a strong emphasis on preventive health services with the goal of improving children’s health and readiness to learn. Services are provided in collaboration with individual schools, school districts, health care providers and other agencies and community-based organizations. Services include acute care; management of chronic illnesses; mental health counseling; and preventive services, such as health education, physical and dental exams, and nutrition services. 


Any community-based public or private non-profit agency may apply for funding that supplements local support for school health centers during the request for proposal process. Comprehensive centers must provide prescribed basic services along with the following four comprehensive services: preventive health, medical, nutrition and mental health services. Alternate model centers must provide basic services and at least one of the four comprehensive services (such as mental health). All centers must provide reports on services provided, on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the school year. 

Policy and Reporting by School Health Centers  

Contact Information

For more information about this service contact: Whole Child Health Section: at 919-707-5600