Whole Child Health Section Contact Information

Genetics and Newborn Screening 

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI): Marcia Fort, Unit Manager and North Carolina EHDI Coordinator, Marcia.Fort@dhhs.nc.gov 

Newborn Metabolic Screening Follow-Up Program: Lara Percenti, NBS Follow-Up Coordinator, Lara.Percenti@dhhs.nc.gov 

Genetic Counseling: Gail Marcus, Public Health Genetic Counselor, Gail.Marcus@dhhs.nc.gov 

Best Practices 

Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Access to Care Specialist: Holly Shoun, holly.shoun@dhhs.nc.gov 

Child Health Data Collection and Management:  Jennifer Griffin, Data Manager, Jennifer.A.Griffin@dhhs.nc.gov 

Child Health Program Monitoring:  Debby Moyer, Best Practices Unit Nurse Consultant, Debby.Moyer@dhhs.nc.gov 

Commission on Children with Special Health Care Needs: Danielle Matula, Unit Manager, Danielle.Matula@dhhs.nc.gov 

Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Help Line: Jeshawra Glasper, CYSHCN Help Line/Outreach Coordinator, Jeshawra.Glasper@dhhs.nc.gov 

Medicaid Outreach:  Francisco Guzman, Minority Outreach Coordinator, Francisco.Guzman@dhhs.nc.gov 

Whole Child Health Section Family Engagement: Mahala Turner, Family Liaison Specialist, mahala.turner@dhhs.nc.gov 

Office on Disability and Health: Lauren Howard, Director, Lauren.Howard@dhhs.nc.gov 

Local Child Fatality Prevention Teams: Kerry Young, Program Coordinator, Kerry.Young@dhhs.nc.gov 

Innovative Approaches Initiative: Danielle Matula, Unit Manager, Danielle.matula@dhhs.nc.gov 

Child Behavioral Health 

NC Psychiatric Access Line and Family Organization/Voice Amplified: Stacie Forrest, Stacie.forrest@dhhs.nc.gov 

Children with Complex Needs, Sharon Bell, Sharon.bell@dhhs.nc.gov 

Trauma and Resiliency, Child Treatment Program: Terri Grant, terri.grant@dhhs.nc.gov 

System of Care: Kristin Jerger, Kristin.jerger@dhhs.nc.gov 

Project Aware: Nina Muller, nina.muller@dhhs.nc.gov 

Rapid Response Team/Other CBH activities not noted above: Sharon Bell, Unit Manager, Sharon.bell@dhhs.nc.gov 

System of Care: system.of.care@dhhs.nc.gov 

School, Adolescent and Child Health 

School Nursing Support: Jenifer Simone, State School Nurse Consultant, Jenifer.Simone@dhhs.nc.gov  

Child Health Nursing Support: Tara Lucas, State Child Health Nurse Consultant, Tara.Lucas@dhhs.nc.gov   

Care Management for At-Risk Children (CMARC): Gail Lamb, CMARC Interim Program Manager,  Gail.Lamb@dhhs.nc.gov 

School Health Centers: Michael Taylor, School Health Center Consultant, Michael.Taylor@dhhs.nc.gov   

School Nutrition Support: Diane Beth, Nutrition Program Consultant, Diane.Beth@dhhs.nc.gov   

Behavioral Health Clinical Consultant: Michael Taylor, Behavioral Health Clinical Consultant, Michael.Taylor@dhhs.nc.gov 

Adolescent Health & Youth Health Advisor Team: Michael Taylor, State Adolescent Health Coordinator, Michael.Taylor@dhhs.nc.gov 

School, Adolescent and Child Health: Rachel Johnson, Unit Manager, Rachel.Johnson@dhhs.nc.gov 

Child and Family Wellness 

Nurse-Family Partnership: Kelly Morris, State Nurse Consultant, Kelly.P.morris@dhhs.nc.gov 

Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting Program: Greer Cook, Program Manager, greer.cook@dhhs.nc.gov 

Child Care Health Consultation: Anne Odusanya, anne.odusanya@dhhs.nc.gov

Triple P Program, (Positive Parenting Program): Anne Odusanya, Interim Unit Manager, anne.odusanya@dhhs.nc.gov

Nurse-Family Partnership: Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting Program, Health Resources Services Administration: Amanda Leigh, State Nurse Consultant, amanda.leigh@dhhs.nc.gov 

Healthy Families America, Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting: Mark Ownbey, Program Consultant, mark.ownbey@dhhs.nc.gov 

Whole Child Health Section Lead 

Anne Odusanya, Assistant Director for the Division of Child and Family Well-Being, Whole Child Health Section; and NC Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Director, Anne.Odusanya@dhhs.nc.gov