NC RAMMP: Ramp Access Makes Mobile People

Solutions to Make Your Home Accessible

The NCRAMMP Project, funded by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, loans portable ramps to people with mobility difficulties. If you are needing a ramp to make the transition from a medical facility to your home and community or need a ramp to access temporary housing after an emergency, our short-term ramp loans can help you overcome physical obstacles to mobility while we work with you to plan long-term accessibility solutions.

We can assist you in any one of three ways:

1) you can contact NCATP to find out if a temporary ramp is what you need;

2) you can discuss options with a RAMMP Project representative,  who may ask permission to visit your home in order to better understand your situation; and

3) a NCRAMMP representative can also demonstrate and, perhaps, assist with the ramp installation. Since these light-weight ramps are designed for only temporary use, a RAMMP Project representative can assist with identifying funding resources for permanent ramp.