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Services Offered

The above tables include services offered for each of the certified well contractors. These services are updated each year with the renewal form. Changes to the listing may also be made by submitting a Services Offered Change Form.

Remember, a well contractor's level determines what activities the contractor is certified to perform. This additional list is simply to clarify which of those services are actually offered by the contractor. For example, a homeowner who wants to have geothermal wells installed can see which drillers in their area offer that particular type of service. 

If all the "Services Offered" for a contractor are blank, it does not mean they don't offer any, they simply have not yet selected the services they offer. Focus on level of work they are qualified to perform first.

Wallet Card  

Individual wallet cards are carried by certified well contractors. The wallet card will list the dates the certification is valid and will have a photo to verify identity of the certified contractor. New applicants will have their photos taken at the exam.