Get Certified

There are four levels of certification, A-D. You can apply for the level you want and have the most experience in. You do not have to start at the most restricted level and work your way up. See the Certification Levels Summary Chart for a description of levels. 

To become certified as a well contractor, submit an application for the desired level. The purpose of the application is to verify you have met the experience requirements for the level sought. Once the application is approved you will be notified by mail. For level A applicants, the next step is a field observation.

The final step for all levels is to take the written examination. The written examination is closed-book. 

Application Documents

(WCC-1a) Application for Certification, Level A 

(WCC-1b) Application for Certification, Level B 

(WCC-1c) Application for Certification, Level C

(WCC-1d) Application for Certification, Level D 

Level A Application Example    
Level A WCC-2 Letter of Reference example 

Level C Application Example            

Level C WCC-2 Letter of Reference example 

Use of Licenses From Other States to Show Experience 

Notarized Letter of Reference (WCC-2) 

Application for Temporary Certification- 1 well only 

Field Observation- What to Expect 

Exams and Study Guides 

Exam- 2024 Scheduled Exams

Exam- Request Retake Exam (WCC-7)

Exam- Request Out of Cycle Exam, 1st attempt (WCC-19) 

Exam- Request Special Accommodations (WCC-6) 

Study Guide- List of The Exam References 

Disinfection Equation for Written Exam 

Study Guide- Sample Questions 

Study Guide- Tips for Test Taking 

Failed Exam- Request Exam Review (WCC-17) 

Exam Review - 2024 Schedule