Child Welfare Supervisors Tool Kit

This site serves as a resource for North Carolina’s child welfare supervisors. The Division is not endorsing the use of these tools but is providing information that counties have found useful in their practice. The intention is that this will serve as a county to county resource for sharing tools that help you do your job as a supervisor.

Interested in sharing your county’s tools?  Please send that information to Jeff Olson at

Alamance CFT Evaluation Form
Brochure-Family Assessment Response
CFT Facilitator Guide for Child and Family
CFT Invitation List
Change of Track Staffing Form
Checklist for Family Assessments
Child and Family Team Participant Agenda
CPCM Tracking
Harnett's MOA-Law Enforcement
Initial Home Visit
M.R.S. Brochure Template
MRS Letter to Reporter
Shared Parenting Referral
Spanish Tranlation.Alamance CFT Satisfaction Survey

Performance Evaluation/Professional Development Tools 
Catawba CPS IA FA Performance Evaluation
Catawba CPS In-Home Services Performance Evaluation
Catawba Performance Evaluation 
Davidson New SW Checklist
Mecklenburg CPS IA FA Documentation Tool
Mecklenburg Employee Conference Tool Template
Monthly Evals 
Performance Evaluation Definitions 

Record Review Tools 
Catawba CPS 215 Tasks QA 
Catawba IHS Record Review Form 
Catawba Quality Assurance CPS 
Cleveland CPS Record Review 
Cleveland Foster Care Record Review 
Davidson Checklist for Family Assessments 
Davidson Checklist for IA 
Harnett Record Review
IA FA peer record review form
Lincoln Documentation on CPS Assessments 
Mecklenburg Foster Care Record Review Tool 
Mecklenburg IA FA Record Review Tool 
Mecklenburg IHS Record Review Tool 
Moore IHS Record Review Form 
Moore Investigations-Assessments Record Review Tool 
Nash Case Record Review 
Nash QA Tool IHS 
New Hanover Permanency Planning Case Review Checklist
Wilson CPS FA IA Review Tool 
Wilson Foster Care Record Audit 

Staffing Tools 
Change of Track Staffing Form 
Cleveland FC Staffing Form 
Mecklenburg Permanency Planning Staffing Form 
Moore Transfer Summary 
New Allegations Received During Open Assessment 
Orange County Supervision Checklist 

Absent Parent Checklist - Efforts to Locate
Supervisor's Tool for Domestic Violence Cases

CFT Brochure
Checklist Transfer Process To Foster Care-Nonsecure Petitions
Checklist Transfer Process To Foster Care-Slow Petitions
Building a Model and Framework for Child Welfare Supervision
Transfer from CPS to FC CHECKLIST updated 05-20-09
Transition Team Guidelines 8-1-08
Engaging Fathers and Non-Residential Parents