NC-SNAP (NC Support Needs Assessment Profile)

The NC-SNAP is a needs assessment tool that, when administered properly, measures an individual's level of intensity of need for developmental disabilities (DD) supports and services. Development of the NC-SNAP began in 1997 in response to a systematic need for a reliable needs assessment instrument to facilitate system-wide planning identified by the North Carolina Developmental Disabilities Policy Workgroup. After extensive field-testing and revision, the NC-SNAP was officially adopted by the state of North Carolina in 1999 as the requisite tool for determining an individual's intensity of need for DD services. Persons in North Carolina who have a DD diagnosis and receive state funded supports and or are placed on the waiting list to receive state funded DD supports must have an NCSNAP administered annually.

Note: The NC-SNAP is for use in North Carolina only. Agencies outside of North Carolina should refer to the Murdoch Center Foundation website for information on the Developmental Disabilities Support Needs Assessment Profile (DD-SNAP).

NC-SNAP Training Registration Procedures

Regularly scheduled NC-SNAP examiner training is held monthly online (free of charge) via DMH/DD/SAS. To sign up:

  • Community based providers: Contact the training provider at your associated LME-MCO.
  • Developmental Center staff: Register through your Developmental Center training coordinator.
    • For further information, DMH/DD/SAS training staff can be contacted as outlined below. NOTE: All persons wishing to sign up for training must do so via their LME-MCO or Developmental Center training coordinator.



  • Lauren Spencer

         (984) 236-5031

  • Crystal Kearney

         (984) 236-5042