NCTracks is the new multi-payer Medicaid Management Information System for the NC Department of Health and Human Services. It has three separate portals for specific internet access to different sectors of the business (Providers, Recipients and internal operations needs).

The NCTracks system

  • A system that adjudicates claims from DMA/DMH/DPH and ORHCC (professional, institutional, pharmaceutical and BH related);
  • Shares the claims processing engine of the NCTracks to process and pay claims for the Division of MH/DD/SA Services;
  • Establishes a central repository of recipient and provider data across the Division's circle of services and programs;
  • Allows the state to more closely monitor the delivery of MH/DD/SA services, and to properly measure and track area program performance;
  • Reduces the potential for over-billing and duplicate payments for the same units of service and
  • Simplifies the claims filing practices for area programs and reduces the claims payment cycle time. 
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DMH_IS directly supports the LME-MCO with their questions arounds claims, billing and the functionality of NCTracks (the current claims billing system). If you are a provider of DMH services please contact your contracted LME/MCO with DMH/NCTracks claims/billing related questions. Do not contact DMH_IS for these questions.

If you are a provider of DMH (state funded services) and have a question about provider enrollment, taxonomies, sanctions or similar (non-billing related questions) please consider the two links below and also contact NCTracks/CSRA Provider Enrollment call center (bottom of the screenshot below)

Getting Started With NCTracks - Getting Started With NCTracks

User Guides & Fact Sheets - User Guides & Fact Sheets (