Rural Health Centers Capital Support SFY 2017-2018

DHHS Division/Office issuing this notice:    Office of Rural Health

Date of this notice:   February 14, 2017

Working Title of the funding program: Rural Health Centers Capital Support

Purpose- description of function of the program and reason why it was created: The purpose of grants awarded under this program is to support state-designated rural health centers. The Office of Rural Health (ORH) assists underserved communities and populations with developing innovative strategies for improving access, quality, and cost-effectiveness of health care.  Distribution of primary care providers in North Carolina has historically been skewed toward cities and larger towns.  Rural residents, who often face transportation issues, find accessing primary care services difficult.  Through the establishment of rural health centers, ORH enables local communities to provide access to their underserved populations who would otherwise be unable to receive needed primary care services due to geographic, economic, or other barriers.  Thus, rural health centers have become an integral part of the health care safety net for North Carolina’s rural and underserved residents.

Through this Capital Project award, the rural health center will continue to develop and implement projects intended to increase quality-driven, cost-effective care to meet the transitions mandated through Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) legislation and other industry trends.  These funds may be used for a variety of projects including information technology components as deemed appropriate by ORH.  In addition, these funds may include planned and unplanned structural improvements, upkeep, etc. of the facility/physical plant.  If the proposed capital project may result in an insurance claim or involves information technology, please contact your assigned ORH field staff prior to completing this application packetThe maximum total grant award is dependent upon demonstrated need at the rural health center and the availability of funding.  This is a project-based grant opportunity.  All funding must be expended by May 31, 2018

Funding Availability: 

1. Capital Project Grant-Award issue date: 7/1/2017

Capital Project Grant Application Closing Date and Submission Instructions: Grant applications must be received by April 2, 2018. Only electronic copies will be accepted.

Project Period or Contract Term SFY 2018

Awards are granted to applicants submitted between July 1, 2017 and April 2nd, 2018.  All grantees must fully expend grant funds prior to June 30, 2018.   All invoices for completed and projected work must be submitted to ORH for reimbursement no later than June 8, 2018

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply for these funds, your organization must be deemed a 501(c) 3 State-Designated Rural Health Center by ORH.  The maximum total grant award is dependent upon demonstrated need at the rural health center and is contingent upon funding availability.   Grant funds must be used at physical locations where primary medical care is provided and may not be used for vehicles or to pay down loans.

How to Apply: All electronic applications and questions regarding the application should be sent to your ORH assigned field support staff. Incomplete applications and applications not completed in accordance with the instructions provided below will not be reviewed.

Capital  RFA 2017-2018.doc

Copy of Capital Budget 2017-2018.xls

How to Obtain Further Information: Andrea Murphy, 919 527-6448,; Robert Coble, 919 527-6474, ; or Tammy Norville, 919-527-6476,