Chief Medical Office for Behavioral Health and IDD


Guide the development and implementation of well-integrated, high-quality systems of medical care for North Carolinians with behavioral health needs and IDD.


North Carolinians will have access to high-quality integrated behavioral, developmental, and physical health services across their lifespan and across settings.


  1. Employ evidence-based, equitable, and equivalent medical policies and procedures systemwide.
  2. Embrace the tenets of highly reliable organizations to ensure patient and healthcare provider safety.
  3. Improve collaboration and medical training throughout the behavioral health and IDD system.
  4. Provide prompt consultation on identified risks to individuals with behavioral health and IDD needs.
  5. Ensure that Medicaid Transformation design meets the specialized needs of behavioral health and IDD populations.

Medical Leadership Team

  • Carrie Brown, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Chief Psychiatrist
  • Markita Keaton, DrPH, Special Assistant to the CMO
  • Keith McCoy, MD FAPA, Deputy Chief Psychiatrist
  • Susan Saik Peebles, MD, Medical Director
  • Brandon Warren, Director of Pharmacy

Presentations and Media Interviews from Chief Medical Office for Behavioral Health and IDD