Program Design

Wright School is a program where children are in the residential treatment facility, Monday through Friday and in their home environment two days a week. Children arrive for school on Monday morning and return home on Friday afternoon.

During the week, they participate in school as well as an evening program designed to assess strengths and opportunities for growth. This provides an individualized approach at building competencies in both the academic and social arenas. At the same time, their parents work with LTCs to develop skills that better support their children in the home and community.

When students are home on the weekends, they practice their new skills with their families until new positive patterns take hold and the ecology begins to recover. To facilitate the transition back to their schools and community, the Wright School provides face-to-face meetings and written discharge summaries that include academic and behavioral progress, assessment information, behavioral and academic strategies and any other relevant information that supports the child and family with continued growth.

The goal for all families at the end of six months of treatment is more successful home and community living as evidenced by a decrease in the frequency, intensity and duration of troubling behaviors while living in the least restrictive setting possible. This is only possible if the home, school and community have the skills, confidence and access to formal and informal resources necessary to support the child’s success.