Vocational Rehabilitation Services annual reports

Since 1920, vocational rehabilitation (VR) has helped jobseekers with disabilities gain access to the services and supports that enable them to prepare for, find, retain and advance in employment. Over the years, the program has reinvented itself to meet the ever-changing needs and challenges faced by people with disabilities who are pursuing goals for employment and more independent living. 

While essential services like counseling, training and job placement assistance remain a core part of the program, VR has deployed new services and technologies to empower individuals with disabilities, particularly those with significant disabilities, to achieve high-quality competitive integrated employment outcomes. 

Annual reports on outcomes and expenditures for the NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) are available below.

DVRS Annual Report 2021-2022
DVRS Annual Report 2020-2021
DVRS Annual Report 2019-2020
DVRS Annual Report 2018-2019
DVRS Annual Report 2017-2018
DVRS Annual Report 2014-2015
DVRS Annual Report 2012-2013
DVRS Annual Report 2011-2012