Child Welfare Services Constituent Concerns Office

The Constituent Concerns Office responds to questions, concerns, complaints, and general questions about Child Welfare Services within North Carolina and the role of the county/local Department of Social Services (DSS) in child welfare matters.  Anyone may contact this office when they have a concern about the involvement of DSS and the proper handling of a Child Welfare Case, including Child Protective Services (CPS) assessment, an In-Home Services case, a Foster Care case, or a case where the plan is changing to adoption. Inquiries may be sent by phone, email, and mail.

Members of the Constituent Concerns Team will listen to an individual's concerns, share information with them about child welfare services within the state, share child welfare policy, and determine if it is necessary to consult with the local DSS about the concerns. If the office does consult with a local DSS, the goal is to determine whether the local department has compiled with law, rule, and policy during the CPS assessment or the provision of services for the handling of a child welfare case.

The Constituent Concerns Team has no authority over court rulings, and this team also does not have the legal authority to make decisions for a local DSS. The team does consult with local departments about the concerns raised and, when necessary, offers guidance and assistance to the local department for the case.

If you have questions or concerns about the involvement of DSS and the provision of child welfare services with your family or someone you know, you may contact this office at 919.527.6340 or email us at