Requests For Information

To request information from the North Carolina Division of Social Services please refer to the following

Adam Walsh Clearances
To obtain child abuse and neglect clearances to approve an individual to become a foster parent or to adopt, please complete the DSS-5268-ia. Agencies entitled to this information include licensed child care providers, group home facilities, Guardian ad Litem staff and child placing agencies. This form should not be used for current Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations, law enforcement investigations or court cases.

The DSS-5268 is regularly updated. Please use the most current version. Incomplete forms that are not TYPED cannot be processed. The requesting agency information and the employee/applicant /volunteer section must by completed. The online version of this form is interactive, meaning that you can type in it and then print.

Once completed, the DSS-5268-ia may be sent by an encrypted emailed to .  

Or call for information at 828-232-3160

Child Protective Services Requests
If you are requesting information as part of an open case involving CPS, please submit the DSS-5277-ia. Requests must be submitted on your agency letterhead. 

North Carolina has a state-supervised, county-administered social services system. If there is a history of abuse or neglect, a fax will be sent providing information on which county to contact along with the contact information for that county. It is important to tell county staff that all records pertaining to the child/children are needed and not solely the investigation/assessment.

Please type information on DSS-5277-ia form and send by an encrypted emailed to

History related to abuse and or neglect cannot be released to any person/agency for the purpose of making a report screening decision. Should you have additional questions please contact the NCDSS Regulatory & Licensing Office at (828) 232-3160.

Out-of-State Background Checks
In October of 2022, North Carolina launched the ABCMS (Automated Background Check Management System) to conduct background checks for licensed childcare programs. ABCMS is an individual-based background check system where an applicant can supply their information and the system will process an "Interstate Result" that they can then share with either their childcare employer or state licensing agency, as appropriate. The results will include a criminal background check as well as checks of all the relevant registries (i.e. sex offender registry, child abuse/neglect registry, etc.). 
Note: This particular background check is processed by the Division of Child Development and Early Education's Criminal Background Check Unit and is only available to applicants who have previously resided in NC and are seeking employment in a childcare facility.

The applicant can complete the application on the ABCMS Applicant Site and, in approximately 10 days, the Criminal Background Check Unit should get back to them with their results. These checks are conducted free of charge and do not require fingerprints.

If you have questions/concerns related to the background check, you may contact the CBC Unit directly. Their office phone number is (919) 814-6401 and their email address is

Assistance Verifications for Out-of-State Agencies
If you are requesting out-of-state verification of assistance, please do not send confidential information via email. You may obtain verification by calling 866-719-0141 or faxing a request to 252-789-5395. The request must be on agency letterhead and include:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Programs included in request
  • Your agency's contact information

Child Protective Services Alerts
To request a CPS Alert to be posted in North Carolina please submit your information via email to or by fax to 984-285-7159. You may also mail your request to: 

Division of Social Services
Attn: CPS Alerts
820 S. Boylan Ave.
MSC 2404
Raleigh, NC 27699-2404

Non-Identifying Adoption Information
To request non-identifying information regarding a North Carolina adoption, contact the adoption agency that arranged for the adoption. If the adoption agency is unknown, a request may be submitted to DHHS’ Division of Social Services for the name of the adoption agency, at which time the adoption agency will be contacted for the requested information.

Non-identifying information will only be provided to adoption agencies not the public. Please note North Carolina does not have information available for years prior to 1936. The written request should be submitted to:

Division of Social Services
Attn: Adoption Review and Indexing Team
820 S. Boylan Ave.
MSC 2425 
Raleigh, NC 27699-2425

The request should include:

  • Birth parents' names, if known
  • Child's birth name, if known
  • Child's adoptive name, if known
  • Child's date of birth
  • Adoptive parents' names, if known
  • County finalized, if known
  • Daytime telephone number
  • Picture ID (copy)

Call 919-527-6370 for questions regarding this process.