Community Child Protection Teams

The Community Child Protection Team (CCPT) is a group of community representatives who promote a community-wide approach to the problem of child abuse and neglect. Local teams identify and respond to gaps in the county’s prevention/protection response, maximizing the use of limited resources.

CCPT Tasks

  • Review active cases in which abuse, neglect, or dependency is found and that are:
    • selected from categories defined by the team
    • brought for review at the specific request of a team member
    • brought for review at the initiative of the director of the department of social services
  • Review fatalities, including:
    • fatalities suspected to have resulted from child abuse, neglect or dependency
    • fatalities where the child or the child's family had received child welfare services within 12 months of the child's death
  • Report to the Board of County Commissioners and the community about the status of families in the community
  • Create an Annual CCPT End of the Year Report
  • Develop effective recruitment strategies for engaging citizens in the CCPT

CCPT Reports

NC CCPT 2023 End of Year Report

NC CCPT 2022 End of Year Report
State Response to the 2022 Report

NC CCPT 2021 End of Year Report
2021 CCPT Annual Survey Report Webinar
State Response to the 2021 Report

NC CCPT 2020 End of Year Report
State Response to the 2020 Report

NC CCPT 2019 End of Year Report
State Response to the 2019 Report

NC CCPT 2018 End of Year Report
State Response to the 2018 Report

NC CCPT 2017 End of Year Report
State Response to the 2017 Report

NC CCPT 2016 End of Year Report
State Response to the 2016 Report

Local Team Resources

Advisory Board

Members interested in participating on the Advisory Board should contact the CCPT State Program Coordinator.


Jadie Baldwin-Hamm, Program Consultant/CAPTA Administrator
NC Division of Social Services, Child Welfare Section North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Physical Address:
820 S. Boylan Avenue, McBryde Building
Raleigh, NC 27603

Mailing Address:
2410 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-2410