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WIC is celebrating 50 years!

For the last five decades, WIC has helped millions of women, infants, and children with increased access to healthy food, nutrition education, and breastfeeding support. Join NC WIC in recognizing the remarkable achievements of the WIC program.

The National WIC Association (NWA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) are releasing videos, toolkits, and other resources with ideas for commemorating this milestone.

The NWA videos provide the historical framework of the WIC Program, highlight the unique benefits of WIC, and feature interviews with WIC staff and participants all over the country.

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WIC Program Updates

NC eWIC has changed providers!

NC eWIC has changed providers. ebtEDGE is the official app for NC WIC. Visit www.ebtEDGE.com or download the app where you get your apps to register your eWIC card and see your WIC food benefits. Reminder! Keep your information safe, do not use other apps for WIC and never share your user ID or password.

NC eWIC ha cambiado de proveedor. ebtEDGE es la aplicación oficial de NC WIC. Visita: www.ebtEDGE.com o descarga la aplicación para registrar tu tarjeta eWIC y ver tus beneficios de alimentos de WIC. Por seguridad, recomendamos encarecidamente no utilizar otras apps ni compartir información de usuario o contraseña.

NC eWIC Materials

Fish Consumption Advisory from NCDHHS

NCDHHS Recommends Limiting Fish Consumption from the Middle and Lower Cape Fear River Due to Contamination With “Forever Chemicals”

Infant Formula Resources

  • NCDHHS works in partnership with parents, caregivers, medical providers and WIC agencies to ensure safe and nutritious options for North Carolina families to feed infants. We have developed resources at www.ncdhhs.gov/formula to support you and your baby.

Breastfeeding Resources

Below is more information and resources to support and learn more about breastfeeding:

FDA Recall Information

Quaker Oats Company -Updated recall issued January 11, 2024.
The FDA announced on January 11, 2024, an “Update: Quaker Issues Revised Recall Notice with Additional Products Due to Possible Health Risk” due to potential Salmonella contamination. Quaker has received no confirmed reports of illness related to the products covered by this recall.

  • This update expands the list of included products from the original December 15, 2023 recall “Quaker Recalls Granola Bars and Granola Cereals Due to Possible Health Risk.” 
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, Salmonella infection typically causes diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps, beginning 6 hours to 6 days post-infection and lasting for 4 to 7 days. Most individuals recover without treatment, but severe cases may require hospitalization. 
  • For questions or concerns, please consult your healthcare provider.
  • The Quaker Oats Company advises families to check their pantries for any of the recalled products and dispose of them. 
  • Families who have purchased any of the products included in the recall should contact Quaker Consumer Relations at 1-800-492-9322 or visit www.QuakerRecallUSA.com for further information.

Reckitt (Mead Johnson Nutrition) – Nutramigen with Probiotic LGG powder Infant Formula: Voluntary Recall Issued December 30, 2023.

  • Reckitt (Mead Johnson) announced a voluntary recall of select batches of Nutramigen with Probiotic LGG Powder Infant Formula in 12.6 and 19.8 oz. cans due to a possibility of contamination with Cronobacter sakazakii in product sampled outside the U.S.
  • No illness or adverse consumer reactions have been reported to date.
  • Parents and caregivers of infants who have used this product and are concerned about the health of their child should contact their health care provider.
  • Further information, including batches included in the recall, may be found at FDA Recall Notice

Advisory of Voluntary Recall
On October 28 , 2023, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a public health warning advising parents and caregivers not to purchase or feed WanaBana apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches to children because they may contain elevated levels of lead. Additionally, the FDA advises parents and caregivers of toddlers and young children who may have consumed WanaBana apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches to contact their child’s healthcare provider about getting a blood test.
WanaBana has agreed to voluntarily recall all WanaBana apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches. Information about the recalled product include:

  • The recall is for all WanaBana apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches, all lot codes and expiration dates.
  • The WanaBana apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches are sold nationally and are available through multiple retailers including Sam’s Club, Amazon and Dollar Tree.
  • Parents and caregivers are advised to dispose of the product immediately.

Lead Toxicity
Lead exposure in children is often difficult to see. Most children have no obvious immediate symptoms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers information on the health effects of lead exposure and prevention of lead poisoning. If there’s suspicion that a child may have been exposed to lead, contact your child’s healthcare provider immediately. This product is not included in the NC WIC Program Approved Product List, and therefore is not eligible for purchase with WIC food benefits.

Perrigo – Gerber Good Start Soothe Pro Powdered Infant Formula: Voluntary Recall of Limited Quantity Issued March 17, 2023

  • Perrigo issued a voluntary recall of certain lots of Gerber Good Start SoothePro powdered infant formula out of an abundance of caution due to the potential presence of the bacteria Cronobacter. Perrigo’s announcement indicates that no distributed product has tested positive for the presence of the bacteria and no adverse events have been reported. Consumers who purchased Gerber Good Start SoothePro after March 5, 2023 should check their formula’s Lot Codes and “use by” dates, which can be found on the bottom of the package. See list of Lot Codes and “use by” dates here.
  • If your product is affected by the recall, do not use it. Use an alternate product, such as another standard milk-based formula or breast milk, for your infant and talk to your pediatrician or health care provider about any concerns you may have.
  • Parents and caregivers of infants, including WIC participants, who have purchased this product should contact Gerber Parent Resource Center at 1-800-777-7690 to learn more, as well as to request refunds for impacted products.
  • For additional details about this recall, visit NCDHHS Press Release: Voluntary Recall of Certain Gerber Good Start SoothePro Powdered Infant Formula.

Reckitt (Mead Johnson Nutrition) – Enfamil ProSobee Infant Formula: Voluntary Recall Issued February 19, 2023

  • Reckitt (Mead Johnson Nutrition) voluntarily recalled a very small amount of Enfamil ProSobee Infant Formula. The recall includes two batches of 12.9 oz. containers manufactured between August 2022 and September 2022 that were distributed through retail stores nationwide in the U.S., Guam, and Puerto Rico. No illnesses have been reported and no other ProSobee Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula batches or other Reckitt products are impacted.
  • Parents and caregivers of infants, including WIC participants, who have purchased this product should contact Reckitt at 1-800-479-0551 or by email at consumer.relations@rb.com
  • Parents and caregivers of infants who have used this product and are concerned about the health of their child should contact their health care provider.
  • For additional details about this recall, visit: ProSobee Recall 2023 | Enfamil US

Increased Cash Value Benefit (CVB)

Have you heard? Your monthly WIC Cash Value Benefit has been increased. Enjoy more fruits and vegetables with: 

  • $26 per month for children, 
  • $47 per month for pregnant and postpartum women, and 
  • $52 per month for breastfeeding women.