North Carolina Farmworker Health Program

What We Do

The North Carolina Farmworker Health Program (NCFHP) works to advance the health and well-being of agricultural workers and their families by consulting, leveraging resources and facilitating shared learning with a statewide network of partners.

  • Over 150,000 farmworkers and their family members are estimated to reside in North Carolina.
  • Agriculture is a $70-billion-a-year industry in North Carolina and is dependent on a healthy workforce.
  • Agriculture is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States, posing numerous occupational health risks.
  • Farmworker populations are traditionally underserved because of barriers to care including transportation, language, cost and isolation.

NC Farmworker Health Program Profile
NC Farmworker Health Coverage Map

Additional Resources

For additional information about farmworkers and the NC Farmworker Health Program, go to the NCFHP website.


North Carolina Farmworker Health Program
Office of Rural Health
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Elizabeth Freeman Lambar
Farmworker Health Program Manager