Ashe County Department of Social Services

Address: 150 Government Circle Suite 1400, Jefferson, NC 28640
State Courier #: 15-66-04
Phone: 336-846-5719
Fax Number: 336-846-5779
Emergency Phone: 336-846-5600

Key Staff 

Director: Tracie McMillan, 336-846-5719

Administration Fax Number: 336-846-5779

Deputy Director: Jennifer Parsons, 336-846-5719 

Administrative Officer: Vacant

Fiscal Officer: Kelly Surber, 336-846-5719

DSS Attorney: Paul Freeman, 336-846-5719 

Children’s Protective Services Supervisor:  Ashley Sheets, 336-846-5719

Children’s Services Fax Number:  336-846-5779

Foster Care and Adoption Supervisor:  Ed Hurst, 336-846-5719

Children’s Services Fax:  336-846-5779

Adult Protective Services Supervisor: Jamie Shepherd, 336-846-5719

Adult Services Fax: 336-846-5764

Income Maintenance Program Administrator (Medicaid, Food & Nutrition, Special Assistance, Medical Transportation): Jeana Arroyo, 336-846-5719 

Medicaid and Food & Nutrition Fax: 336-846-5895

Income Maintenance Supervisor for FNS: Nancy Jones, 336-846-5719

Food and Nutrition Services Fax: 336-846-5895

Income Maintenance Supervisor for Adult Medicaid, Long Term Care & SA: Saundra Day, 336-846-5719 

Income Maintenance Fax Number: 336-846-5895

Income Maintenance Supervisor for Family & Children's Medicaid: Amanda Cox  336-846-5719 

Income Maintenance Fax Number: 336-846-5895

Medicaid Transportation and Reception Supervisor: Kathy Turner, 336-846-5719

Transportation Fax Number:  336-846-5764

Work First, Daycare Subsidy, Energy Assistance Supervisor: Angie Allen, 336-846-5719

Family Support Fax Number:  336-846-5764 

Child Support Address:
Address: Family Central
626 Ashe Central School Rd., Unit #9
Jefferson, NC 28640  
Phone: 336-982-7820
Fax Number: 336-982-7827

Child Support Enforcement Supervisor: Belinda Gilley, 336-982-7820 

Child Support Fax Number: 336-982-7827

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation