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2021 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Outreach

Notice of Funding Availability

Request for Applications

Outreach Plan Summary

Outreach Project Detail

Outreach Project Staffing Detail

Outreach Budget Detail

Anticipated Revenue Summary

Time and Cost Allocation Table

Cost Allocation Plan Certificate

Declination Letter

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Funding Chart

Job Descriptions

Notice of Certain Reporting Requirements

Open Window - IRS Tax Exemption Verification Form (Annual)

Open Window Conflict of Interest Verification (Annual)

Open Window State Grant Certification

Outreach Scope of Work

Performance Measures Template

State Certification

Board Member Profile

2020 NC Refugee Assistance Program – Refugee Support Services

Request For Application - Notice of Funding Availability 2020

NC Refugee Program Request for Applications 2021-2023

Revised Budget Narrative Sample

DSS-6244S_Workbook 2019-2020

2020 SSA Cost of Living Adjustment Notice to Food and Nutrition Services Recipients

2020 SSA COLA Notice - English

2020 SSA COLA Notice - Spanish

2020 SSA COLA Notice - Multilingual

2019 TANF Caseload Reduction Credit Report

New SNAP Rule Does Not Impact NC

2019–2021 Community Services Block Grant State Plan

2020 Food and Nutrition Services – Employment and Training Program RFA

State TANF Plan

Proposed Chafee Foster Care Program

Social Services Block Grant

2020 LIHEAP Block Grant Plan

Social Services Commission Public Notices

    Respite Services

    2018 TANF Caseload Reduction Credit Report

    2018 CSBG Public Notice

    2018-19 Community Service Block Grant

    Post Adoption Support Services RFA

    Disaster Posters

    Community Response Program Application

    Children's Trust Fund Request for Applications

    Intensive Family Preservation Services Request for Applications

    Child Welfare Evaluation Request for Proposals

    Child and Family Services Performance Improvement Plan

    Weatherization Waiver