Avery County Department of Social Services

Address: 175 Linville St., Newland, NC 28657
State Courier #: 12-40-11
Phone: 828-733-8230
Fax Number: 828-733-8245
Emergency Phone: 828-733-8230

Key Staff
Director: Barbara M. Jones

Administrative Officer: Shannon Singleton, 828-733-5604

Computer System Administrator: Truman Robbins, 828-733-8238 

Child Protective Services Supervisor: Kelly Icenhour, 828-733-8257

Foster Care Supervisor/Adoption Services Supervisor: Raquel Jennings, 828-733-8253 

Adult Protective Services Supervisor/Child Day Care Subsidy Program Supervisor: Barbara Jones, 828-733-8248

Adult Medicaid Lead Worker: Verna Clark, 828-733-8240

Food and Nutrition Services Lead Worker & Fraud Investigator: Kay Potter, 828-733-8239 

Food & Nutrition Services/Energy/Work First Supervisor: Alesia Calloway,828-733-8249 

Work First Employment Program Worker: Tasha Smith, 828-733-8256 

Family & Children's Medicaid Lead Worker: Andrea Young, 828-733-8251 

Child Support Supervisor: Nikki Witz, 828-733-5143

County DSS Board
Phyllis Forbes - Chair
Deborah Gragg
Eva Trivett-Clark
John Millan
Wood Hall Young, Jr.

Board of Commissioners:
Robert "Reo" Griffith - Chair
Martha J. Hicks
Faith "Faye" Lacey
Maxine Laws
Blake Vance

NC General Assembly Delegation