Burke County Department of Social Services

Address:700 East Parker Road, Morganton, NC 28680
State Courier #: 15-01-06
Phone: 828-764-9600
Fax Number: 828-764-9793

Key Staff 
Director: Korey Fisher-Wellman, 858-764-9610

Administrative Assistant: Sharon Honeycutt, 828-764-9640

Agency Attorney: Mona Leipold, 828-764-9763

Administrative Officer: Julia Terrell, 828-764-9662

Adult and Child Welfare Service Administrator: Chazlyn Thomas, 828-764-9625

Adult Protective Services Supervisor: Laura Deal, 828-764-9659

Child Protective Services Program Manager: Bobbie Sigmon, 828-764-9668

Child Protective Services Supervisors:
Wesley Rogers, 828-764-9721
Lakeshia Feaster, 828-764-9764
Shannon Price, 828-764-9749 
Misti Roland, 828-764-9735
Moriah Ramsey, 828-764-9653

Foster Care/Adoption Supervisors:
Lauri Potter, 828-764-9622
Melissa Thompson, 828-764-9607

CAP/DA, CAP/C Supervisor: Cynthia Potter, 828-764-9660 

Economic Services Administrator: Amanda Grady, 828-764-9644

Food Nutrition Services Supervisors: Kaye Conley, 828-764-9695 and Dawn Lail, 828-764-9717

Family & Children Medicaid Supervisors: Meredith White, 828-764-9745; Tammy Wright, 828-764-9671; Loretta Hatley, 828-764-9707

Special Assistance, Long Term Care: Elizabeth Childres, 828-764-9692 

Work First Cash, Work First Employment and Child Daycare Supervisor, Medicaid Transportation: Tina Mosley, 828-764-9656 

Private Living Assistance: Johnny Hicks, 828-764-9759

County DSS Board
Marshall Jolly - Chair
Joseph Martinez - Vice-Chair
Nancy Wood
Jeffrey Brittain
Renee Rostan

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation