Cabarrus County Department of Human Services

Address: 1303 S. Cannon Blvd., Kannapolis, NC 28083
State Courier #: 05-09-02
Phone: 704-920-1400
Fax Number: 704-920-1401

Key Staff 
Director: Karen Calhoun

Letecia Loadholt: Deputy Director for Child Welfare Division, Quality Assurance Division

Mia Stockton: Deputy Director for Customer Service Division and Economic Family Services Divisions-Medicaid, Crisis, Work First, Childcare, Child Support Food and Nutrition Services

Business Services Manager: Dana Pastores, 704-920-1569

Child Welfare Services Program Administrator: Sharon Schueneman, 704-920-1734 To report child abuse/neglect call 704-920-2277; or after hours contact the Cabarrus County Sheriff's office at 704-920-3000.

Child Welfare Quality Assurance Program Manager: Vastina Britton, 704-920-1694

Adult & Aging Services Program Administrator: Anthony Hodges, 704-920-1891 (Protective Services, Adult Social Work Services, Work First Employment Services, & Community Resource Connections, Crisis Intervention & Energy Assistance)

Medicaid Program Administrator: Heather Altman, 704-920-1532 (Adult and Family & Children's Medicaid Services)

Food & Nutrition Program Manager: Kimberly Lyons, 704-920-1893

Economic Family Support Services Program Administrator: Lora Lipe, 704-920-1607 (Child Care Assistance, Child Support, Energy, Work First, Food & Nutrition Services)

Economic Services Quality Assurance Program Manager: Diana Martin, 704-920-1573

Customer Service Administrator: Natalia Weaver, 704-920-1642

Program Integrity Supervisor: VACANT

Adult Medicaid Program Manager: Amy Nance, 704-920-1436

Adult Medicaid Program Manager PLA: Michelle Sturgill, 704-920-1625

Adult Medicaid Program Manager SA/CAP/PACE: Amy Nance, 704-920-1436

Child Support Program Manager: Susan Dillon, 704-920-1483

Transportation Services Program Manager: Bob Bushey, 704-920-2932

Crisis / Work First (WFFA) Supervisor: Christina Goodman, 704-920-1430

Human Services Advisory Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation