Carteret County Department of Social Services

Address: 210 Craven St., Beaufort, NC 28516
State Courier #: 11-14-24
Phone: 252-728-3181
Fax Number: 252-648-7462
Emergency Phone: 252-728-3181

Key Staff 
Consolidated Human Services Interim Director: Dr. Randall Williams

DSS Director / Consolidated Human Services Deputy Director: Jessica Adams 

Staff Attorneys: Stephanie Sonzogni and Kathleen Zbytniuk

Business Officer: Scott A. Showalter

Human Services Evaluator / Transportation & Work First Supervisor: Kay Huffman

Child Welfare Social Work Program Manager: Kody Krebs

Adult Services Social Work Program Manager: Clint Lewis

Economic Services Program Manager: Sharon Lowery

CPS Supervisor: John O’Connor 

CPS Supervisor: Barbara Hill 

CPS Supervisor: Lutonia Hill

CPS Supervisor - Trainer: Kelly Dorman

Foster Care and Adoptions Supervisor: Alicia Taylor

Foster Care and Adoptions Supervisor: Chuck Bryant 

Adult Protective Services Supervisor: Nicholas Theuner

Adult Protective Services Supervisor: James Chiavola

Adult In-Home Services Supervisor: Gina Harris

Services Intake Supervisor: Karen Hobson-Britt

Adult Medicaid Supervisor: Jessica Avery

Family and Children's Medicaid Supervisor: Melodie Jones

Work First Eligibility Supervisor: Tammy Mason

Food and Nutrition Services Supervisor: Carol Lynn Bullock

Medicaid/FNS Supervisor, Health Department: Kelly Styron

Administrative Support Supervisor: Gay Lewis


Child Support Enforcement Supervisor: Monique Foye
Tel: 800-992-9457


Consolidated Human Services Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation