Catawba County Department of Social Services

Address: 3030 11th Avenue Drive, SE, Hickory, NC 28602
P.O. Box 669 Newton, NC 28658 
State Courier #: 09-70-03
Phone: 828-695-5600 
Fax Number: 828-695-2497

Key Staff 
Director: Karen Harrington

Assistant Director: Tami Hefner, 828-695-5607

Business Officer: Carrie Morris, 828-695-6069

Senior Attorney: Lauren Vaughan, 828-695-4559

Continuous Quality Improvement Manager: Kari Whisnant, 828-695-4563

Personnel Coordinator: Susan Propst, 828-695-5602

Adult Services Program Manager(Adult Protective Services/Adult Home Specialist/ Guardianship/CAP/MAC for Adults/Information and Options Counseling/Senior Nutrition and Medicaid Transportation): Rodney Franklin, 828-695-5619

Child Protective Services Program Managers: Jessica Ford 828-695-4433 Katie Nash 828-695-4521  

Child Welfare Program Administrators: Debbie Dunn 828-695-4545

Program Integrity/Quality and Training Services: Nancy  Williams, 828-695-5733

Child Support Services: Crystal Clark, 828-695-5614

Foster Care/Post Care and Child Wellbeing Services Program Manager: Christina Triplett, 828-695-4428

Family NET/Adoptions/Residential Services/Clinical Program Manager (Foster Home Residential Services/Intensive In-Home Services/Early Childhood Support Services/Outpatient Treatment/Psychological Testing/Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Monitoring/Adolescent Substance Abuse Services/School Social Work and Therapy/Adoptions (In Home Services/Foster Care and Kinship Licensing/Adoptions): Janine Szymanski, 828-695-6961

Children’s Advocacy and Protection Center Director: Adrienne Opdyke, 828-465-7665

Economic Services Managers
Family and Children’s Medicaid/Administrative Support Services: Karen Mace, 828-695-5708

Food and Nutrition Services: Jimmiann Huffman, 828-695-5654

Adult Medicaid/Day Care Assistance/Work First/LIEAP and CIP/Special Assistance: Beth Jones, 828-695-5625

County Social Services Board:
Sherry Butler, Chair
Reed Baer, Vice-Chair
Summer Carrol
Dr. William Pekman
Sarah Temple

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation