Dare County Health and Human Services

Address: 109 Exeter St., Manteo, NC 27954
State Courier #: 16-30-05
Phone: 252-475-5500
Fax Number: 252-473-9824
Emergency Phone: 252-473-3444

Key Staff
Social Services Division Director: Chuck Lycett

Director of Health and Human Services: Dr. Sheila Davies

Administrative Officer: Tammy Reber

Information Management Director: Cameron Thompson

Child Welfare and Family Support Managers: Sally Helms
Sally Laws

Adult Services Manager: Beth Bradley

Income Maintenance Supervisors: Food Stamps: Felicia Norman, FC Medicaid: Paula Rodriguez, Ad. Medicaid: Crystal Ambrose

Income Maintenance Program Administrator: Willer Spencer

Work First Employment: Leigh Brinkley

Child Day Care Subsidy: Leigh Brinkley

Child Support Enforcement: Melissa MacBride

Health and Human Services Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation