Edgecombe County Department of Social Services

Address: 122 E. St. James St., Tarboro 27886
P.O. Box 370
State Courier #: 07-50-03 (Tarboro)
State Courier #: 07-65-01 (Rocky Mt.)
Phone: 252-641-7611
Fax Number: 252-641-7980 

Key Staff
Director: Betty Battle

Deputy Director: Vacant

Administrative Assistant to the Director: Kenyetta Thompson,  252 641-7690.

Administrative Officer: Constance Phelps, 252 641-7651

Personnel Officer: Nora Harper, 252-985-5086

Social Worker Program Manager: Trina Ebron, 252-641-7660

Child Protection & Placement Services Supervisors: 
Hayley Stroud, 252 641-7672
Denotra Jones-Mills, 252 641- 7988
Anna Davis Perry, 252-641-7698 
Kathy Brown, 252-641-7982
Yvonne Winston, 252-641-1014

Adult Services Supervisor:
Brenda Daniels, 252-641-7691

Income Maintenance Program Administrator:
Bobbie Williams, 252-985-5056

Adult Medicaid Supervisors:
Tarboro Office:
Nellie Rodgers, 252 641-7970
Rocky Mount Office:
Virginia Ewuell, 252-985-5089

Family and Children Medicaid Supervisors:
Tarboro Office:
Shurruh Atkinson, 252-641-7697
Rocky Mount Office:
Barbara Batts, 252-985-5067

Work First Employment/Cash/Day Care Program Social Work Supervisors:
Tarboro Office:
Patricia Sharpe, 252-641-1901
Rocky Mount Office: 
Lynda Kennedy, 252 985- 5081

Food and Nutrition Services Supervisors:
Tarboro Office:
Linda Jackson, 252 641- 7658
Rocky Mount Office:
Donna Barnes, 252-985-5082

Child Support Supervisors:
Tarboro Office:
Sequita Mungo-Mitchell, 252 641-7955
Rocky Mount Office:
Grace Cobb, 252-985-5031

Medical Transportation Coordinators: Shenniqua Mayfield, 252-641-7622
Nadine Birth, 252-641-7883 
Carolyn Scott, 252-641-7637

Information Technology Director:
Tabetha L. Summerlin, 252-641-7838

County DSS Advisory Board:
Viola Harris, Chairman
Othar Woodard, Vice Chairman
Dr. Florence Armstrong
Roy Gray
Doris Howington
Dr. Evelyn Johnson
Allen Mitchell
Phyllis Talbot
Ernest Taylor, Jr.
Larry Woodley
Rose Wooten

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation