Forsyth County Department of Social Services

Address: 741 North Highland Ave., Winston-Salem, NC 27101
State Courier #: 13-07-01
Phone: 336-703-3800
Fax Number: 336-727-2850

Key Staff
Director: Victor R. Isler

Deputy Director: Elizabeth White, 336-703-3880

Human Service Evaluation & Planning Manager: Christa Smith, 336-703-3434

Business Operations Manager: Shaneesha Jackson, 336-703-3408

Department Business Manager: Sherri Cook, 336-703-3409

Fiscal Supervisor: Cindy Fuhrken, 336-703-3421

Family & Children's Division Director: John Thacker, 336-703-3890

Family & Children's Program Managers: Linda Alexander, 336-703-3673
Kim Nesbitt, 336-703-3678

Family & Children's Specialized Services Program Manager: Sherita Cain, 336-703-3751

Foster Homes Supervisor: Cassandra Williams, 336-703-3706

Adoption Services Supervisor: Renee Pettigrew, 336-703-3751

Adult Division Director: William "Rick" Hall, 336-703-3870

Adult Services Social Work Program Manager: Sobeida Adolphus, 336-703-3639

Adult Protective Services Supervisor: Hank N. Kennedy, 336-703- 3793

Adult Guardianship Services Supervisors: Wanda Burney, 336-703-3790
Kenya Leach, 336-703-3535

Adult Home Care Specialist Supervisor: Curtis Cheeks, 336-703-3821

Employment Services Supervisor: Andrea Gottfried, 336-703-3643

In Home Services Supervisor: Terrae Stafford , 336-703-3828

Income Support Services Division Director: Mia Stockton, 336-703-3402

Income Support Program Manager for Case Management:(Family and Children’s Medicaid and Food and Nutrition) Artetta McKinney, 336-703-3567

Income Support Program Manager for Integrated Applications:(Family and Children’s Medicaid, Work First, Food and Nutrition): Joni Owens, 336-703-3641

Income Support Program Manager for Customer Care Center, Call Center and Specialized Services: Amanda Pruitt , 336-703-3844

Income Support Program Manager for Daycare, Program Integrity, Medicaid Transportation: Shantele Williams, 336-703-3853

Income Support Program Manager for WFFA/Adult Medicaid: Alison Westbrook, 336-703-3004

Child Support Services Division Director: Jennifer Tubbs, 336-703-3619 Fax: 336-748-3636

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation