Guilford County Department of Social Services

Address: Greensboro Office 
1203 Maple St., Greensboro, NC 27405
High Point Office
325 E Russell Ave., High Point, NC 27260 

P.O. Box 3388, Greensboro NC 27402
State Courier #: 02-15-38
Phone: 336-641-3447
Fax Number: 336-641-6868
Emergency Phone: 800-378-5315

Key Staff
Director: Sharon Barlow, 336-641-4967
Fax #: 336-641-6868

Deputy Director: VACANT, 336-641-4967
Fax #: 336-641-6868

Administration Division Director: LaDawn Pearson, 336-641-3094

Contracts Manager: Jordan Mitchell, 336-641-8939

Economic Services Division Director: Pargie Turner-Horton, 336-641-3681

Work First Employment/Energy/Child Day Care Manager: Charita Sutton, 336-641-5010 

Universal Economic Services Intake Program Manager: Sharon Roseborough, 336-641-4588

Family & Children Medicaid Review Manager: Abbi Gill, 336-641-2556

Food and Nutrition Services Review Manager: Yolanda McInnis, 336-641-3787

Economic Services Program Manager - Adult Medicaid: VACANT, 336-641-7627

Economic Services Program Manager-Family and Children's Medicaid: Abbi Gill, 336-641-2556

Aging & Adult Services Division Director: Laurie Jones, 336-641-5405

Aging & Adult Services Program Managers: 
Robert Lee, 336-641-3818
Diane Hayden, 336-641-2927

Children's Services Division Director: Sheila Stokes, 336-641-6428

Child Services Program Managers: 
High Point: Sadio Lloyd, 336-641-5729
Foster Care: Ronda Teal, 336-641-6701
Foster Care: Karen Williamson, 336-641-3739
Assessments: Joshua Cannon, 336-641-3019 
Intake/Assessments: Carole Allison, 336-641-3007


Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation