Henderson County Department of Social Services

Address: 1200 Spartanburg Hwy, Suite 300, Hendersonville, N.C.  28792 
State Courier #: 06-92-03
Phone: 828-697-5500
Fax Number: 828-697-4544

Key Staff
Director: Jerrie McFalls

Administrative Assistant: Karen Vale, 828-694-6308 

Budget/Administrative Officer: Joe Maxey, 828-694-6316

Economic Services Program Administrator II: Jillian Humphries, 828-694-6310

Child & Adult Protection Services/Social Work Services Program Administrator: Lorie Horne, 828-694-6255

SW Program Manager – Child Protection: Renee Roof , 828-694-6261

Child Protective Services Intake & On-Call: Hugh Rutledge, 828-694-6353 

CPS Teams:
Derek Proctor, 828-694-6286
Rachel Cummings, 828-694-6255
Adam Myslinski, 828-694-6355

SW Program Manager – Foster Care/Adoptions: Libby Myers , 828-694-6303

Foster/Adopt Teams: 
Kerri Smith, 828-694-6344
Kelley Young, 828-694-6271

Child Day Care Subsidy: Stephanie Gunter,  828-694-6180

Adult Services Program Manager: Amanda Vanderoef, 828-694-6312

Adult Services Supervisors:
Traci Corn, 828-694-6250
Ryan Garcia, 828-694-6232

Economic Services:

Child Care/Food & Nutrition/Medicaid Transportation Program Manager: Bob Jones, 828-694-6314

Family and Children’s Medicaid/Work First Program Manager: Marlene Wilkerson, 828-694-6328

Adult Medicaid Program Manager: Debby Freeman, 828-694-6180

Child Support Enforcement: 
Darlene Tipton, 828-694-6193
Fax Number: 828-698-6107
1200 Spartanburg Highway Bldg.
Hendersonville, NC 28792

County DSS Board

Board of Commissioners

NC General Assembly Delegation